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Cycraguard Cycraguard Twin Pack - Black 20-28MM Black

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A combination pack which consists of the technologically advanced front and rear road mudguards
Specially engineered water channels allow water to follow the wheel, reducing splash-back and forcing water from the road back on to the road, stopping you getting the famous badger stripe on your clothing!
Easy fitting procedure needs no specialist tools and uses less small parts than traditional guards
Constructed using a fusion of CycraFlex composite polymers for the ultimate strength and durability
Dual compound construction gives the guard a rigid and strong spine and flexible tips
Accessory ports for lights and reflectors as standard, mean that the guards are fully commuting compatible
Requires no time consuming measuring and cutting of stays, which means less time in the workshop
Telescopic legs mean that the stays are fully adjustable for all sizes of wheel and type of bike, and the stays do not need to be trimmed to length: a truly universal guard
Adaptable stay mounts make this the only mudguard to be truly disc brake and pannier rack compatible: you can mount it to chain stays, fork blades, or specific mudguard mounts - or any combination
Lifetime warranty on all CycraGuard products #CyclistsServingCyclists


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