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Madison Shorts Liea Womens 10 Dark Teal
MPN: CL88113

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Madison Shorts Liea Womens 16 Dark Teal
MPN: CL88116

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Features :

Stripped back for a more casual look, the Leia short is technical with a touch of off the bike style .

Two hand pockets and a pair of rear pockets give the Leia short a feel of your favourite non riding shorts .

Includes a removable liner short with our 2D coolmax chamois pad and silicone leg grippers .

Two concealed vents in the outside of the thighs add a chill of cool air during a warm ride .

On the inside of the waistband are 'hook and loop' adjusters to subtly fine tune the fit .

Two stretch panels at the hip and in the rear yoke allow for freedom of movement when on the bike .

A DWR coating helps keep you dry from trail spray .

A single zippered pocket on the rear gives secure storage for a phone or keys .

2 concealed pop studs and a chunky fly zipper keep the shorts in place .

Double and triple needle stitching in all the right areas ensure bombproof construction .

Limited lifetime warranty . #CyclistsServingCyclists


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