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Outdoor Tech Battery Kodiak 2.0 6K Grey
Outdoor Tech Battery Kodiak 2.0 6K Grey
MPN: OT302023

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Say hello to the new rugged and waterproof Kodiak 6k 2.0 power bank .

The OG Kodiak was pretty awesome but we have revamped the line to further separate us from the crowd .

Featuring a 6000 mAh battery to keep your devices juiced throughout the day charging your iphone 3 times
your GoPro 5.5 times and your Galaxy twice couple this with the mighty 2.4 amp output - this little guy packs quite the
punch charging your devices in quciktime.

The new look Kodiak 6k 2.0 is rated at IPX7 dust water and shockproof and features a
flashlight with three setting lighting up your road ahead.

If this wasnt enough the 6k Kodiak has dual USB ports letting you charge multiple devices at once .


Pocket portable go anywhere .

IPX7 dust- & waterproof & shockproof .

6000 mAh battery capacity the lil guys pack a punch .

Charges up to 1.1 amp - 2.4 amp .

Dual USB output ports .

Bright (65 to 100 Lumen) LED Lights with three settingsN .

Battery level indicator .

Weight: very light .


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