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Ridgeback Mx16 Boys  16 Red
Ridgeback Mx16 Boys 16 Red
MPN: RB20760

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Ridgeback Mx16 Boys  16 Green
Ridgeback Mx16 Boys 16 Green
MPN: RB21761

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Ridgeback Mx16 Boys  16 Dark Blue
Ridgeback Mx16 Boys 16 Dark Blue
MPN: RB21760

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Perfectly proportioned to provide small riders the best fit for comfort and control a Ridgeback kid's bike is easily adjustable to keep pace with a growing child. The handlebar stem design allows easy adjustment as the child grows whilst a high quality saddle and soft grips provide the necessary comfort when learning to cycle. All Ridgeback bikes have a light aluminium frame and high quality specifications providing the durability to allow them to be passed on to a second child. All Ridgeback kid's bikes meet the relevant ISO safety standards.


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