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11-Speed Braze-on

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Shimano 105 11Spd Braze-On 11-Speed Braze-on Black
Shimano 105 11Spd Braze-On 11-Speed Braze-on Black
GTIN: 4524667647225
MPN: FD5801F

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  • Wide link design 105 double front derailleur for increased rigidity and improved shifting response
  • Wide inner link increased rigidity and takes front shifting performance to a new level, especially under heavy load
  • For 11-speed drivetrains
  • Toggle link design is light action with short lever movement and less effort at the end of shifting stroke
  • Designed to work with the wider gear pitch spacing Shimano chainsets without sacrificing shifting performance on bikes with 135 / 142 mm O.L.D.
  • Support bolt provides added stability
  • Maximum capacity of 16 teeth with 46-53 tooth outer
  • The aluminium parts are coated to resist corrosion and maintain their great looks


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