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Aztec Discspare Rotor Fixed 6 Bolt 160MM
MPN: PBR1160

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Aztec Discspare Rotor Fixed 6 Bolt 180MM
Aztec Discspare Rotor Fixed 6 Bolt 180MM
MPN: PBR1180

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Tested extensively by the Aztec test team the new Aztec rotors are lighter and stronger but keep the same great feel and braking power.

Aztec designed rotors offer improved braking power and feel to disc brake users.

Precision laser cut from the best quality most durable stainless steel alloys available.

The Aztec design is self-cleaning to maintain performance and well vented to dissipate heat.

Offers the same effective surface braking area as a regular rotor with a weight saving.

Compatible with virtually all brands of hydraulic and mechanical Disc callipers.

Drilled for attachment to any 6-bolt international standard hub.


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