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Finish Line Lubricant Ceramic 40Z/120ML
Finish Line Lubricant Ceramic 40Z/120ML
GTIN: 036121006034

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Breakthrough ceramic-bonding technology that coats your chain to prevent wear and corrosion and then cushions it chain with a blanket of pure synthetic racing oil.

Ceramic Wet is so unique and leading edge it has been patented!

Finish Line have combined engineered ceramics with the slipperiest fluoropolymers available and put it into a base of premium pure 100% synthetic oils.

Every time you use Ceramic Wet it builds a ceramic coating into frictional surfaces that results in increasingly smoother performance.

Ceramic coating allows the chain to run extremely clean since dirt does not stick to it easily.

Overall drive chain noise is reduced for near silent running and gear changing.

Ceramic Wet delivers the ultimate in long lasting yet clean running performance.

Provides long intervals between applications perfect for riders who like to spend their time riding not maintaining their bike!


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